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The Club is a fitness center located in Anniston, Alabama and owned by Tom and Sydna Buzan. The Buzan's moved to the area in 1975 with five children and a dream. The Club was born in 1982 and has had many names and identities throughout the years. Whether members knew it at the Cosmopolitan Spa, the Anniston Fitness Center, Or Family Fitness, there's one group of people that always knew it by a different name. That would be the Buzans, the family that owns it. Internally the family has always referenced the gym as "The Club" as well as many of the more committed members. Hamburger Creative was honored to breathe new life into the family-run operation of over 30 years. A new logo, new website, and a fresh take on social media helped jump-start the age old operation. We'd call it a rebrand, but you can't rebrand something if that's what it's always truly been. We like to call it a revitalization. We helped The Club remember it's roots, but there's one thing that was never in jeopardy. That's the love and admiration for the many wonderful people who have come through their doors.

Tom and Syd's legacy lives on through their five children. The Buzan group is a close as they come and for them, family always comes first. There are endless stories of what it was like to grow up in a family as close as this one. All five children worked in The Club growing up and were a huge part in building the family dream. Although many of the kids went on to pursue careers in other fields, they have always held tight to the principles that Tom and Syd instilled into them. Most of the Buzan kids frequent The Club every now and again. They are not shy in the slightest, so if you happen to see one of them be sure to stop and say hey! 

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