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Meet the 


Workout Partner


Your all new gym buddy

All members of The Club have access to our all-new app! Using this app, members have access to a multitude of workouts, a nutrition tracker, gym-wide community events, their own progress tracker, and a community forum where they can swap tips and keep each other focused.


Not sure where to start or what plan works best for you? Our app has pre-built workouts for all kinds of fitness goals. Whether that's losing weight, building muscle, or toning, our app has the perfect plan for you. You can even customize a workout plan of your own!

never wonder what you

should be doing next

It's easy to get discouraged if you aren't seeing the changes you want. But just because you aren't seeing very obvious changes, doesn't mean you're not making progress. With a personal fitness tracker, you can see changes you would have never noticed. This might be the difference between giving up or pushing through.

Not all progress is obvious


Community is Key

The easiest way to lose interest in your fitness journey is to lose accountability. Our app puts community at the forefront and makes sure you always have people there to cheer you on. We won't let you give up easily.

Repetition becomes habit.

Habit is hard to break.

With every entry into your custom workout plan and every meal cataloged with your nutrition tracker, you're building a positive habit. And we all know how hard a habit is to break. 

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